...про все і ні про що...

09 June, 2023

iamI am Engineer (lat. abilities, ingenuity). Perhaps this defines my mind.

The engineer must understand everything, and apply force to get it working.

This probably applies to every sphere of life...

Curiously, I work as an engineer, not in the field of instrumentation, but in the IT sector. Lot of my classmates are working in different field of activity, but not technical.

My life has a different refractive index, as the play of light in a kaleidoscope.

It is necessary to periodically shake and twist the thing that is not much to exaggerate or color palette pleasing to the eye.

As a creative person, love and other kinds of creativity. I appreciate and respect the creative people.

It is a constant search of the knowledge about the world and ourselves. The only nuance is a priority of creativity in the constructive spirit.

As an integral part of understanding the world –Travel. This is my hobby.

It is interesting to know the nature of the culture and traditions of other countries and peoples. Of course, now it is easily possible to make viewing Discovery channel, sitting in a comfortable armchair chewing popcorn and sipping beer.

It is also an option ... no real journey attract and captivate much more....

Although I can`t serve as a moral example and a model of a healthy lifestyle, but I try to constantly changing for the better and the sport like nothing better this helps. Sports clubs have firmly taken a leading position in the competition with nightclubs in my life. Communication with the girls on cycling delivers much more aesthetically pleasing than in other places.... 

My interests have a very wide range and therefore I still decided to create a blog in order to reflect my views on particular phenomena, processes, and shares useful information as possible....

With regard to my professional activities and my skills, you can read on a separate tab.

So read, comment, and criticize J